In The Mirror

In the mirror
it was his right hand
brushed the hair from her eyes
so she'd see him fully 
with his heart open wide

and he tried to say it out loud
but his words were all turned around

in the mirror
it was his left hand 
he brought to her mouth
and to his reflection
blew a kiss that she found

in the silence of a stare
standing there

in the mirror

at the window
came the tapping
of melting snow
dripping down from 
the shingles in an even flow

in time with a simple sound
of something turning around
turning around

a,a,a,a, a,a,a,a 
a mirror

From MIRA: "This song, to me, is about an unassuming, unexpected moment of connection and opening up. The original inspiration came from imagining two people standing in front of a mirror doing something simple and seemingly mundane -- maybe brushing their teeth or something like that...and in the midst of that, they see each other, and they see themselves together and sort of catch each other in an honest moment of vulnerability -- And if you froze that moment and slowed it down and saw each split second for what it was and could maybe even move within each one -- in sort of Matrix/house of mirrors disorienting way -- that's what I think this song feels like. And I think it's one of those moments where you're in fact learning to open up to someone -- that's where the image of melting snow comes from. There's also this idea that we can be mirrors for each other -- show each other those things about ourselves it's difficult or impossible to see on our own.