In My Pocket

Something borrowed, something stolen
Something silver, something golden
in my pocket

Something lucid, something shallow
something rooted, a sparrow
in my mind

Something quiet, something chosen
something real, something frozen
on my tongue

Something empty, something broken
something full, something open
in my chest

From CHUCK: "This song is very much about the journey of opening-up after any big change. It's the warmth returning, the wind hitting the sails, the heart filling...One of my favorite behind-the-scenes recording studio moments took place when we were putting this song together. Adam Levyhappened to be in town the week before we officially started tracking in the studio - so the only way for him to lay down his parts was for Mira and me to record a scratch track and have him play along with that. It turned out to be a really interesting process! The highlight for me was when Adam asked if we could experiment with 'conducting' him through the piece as he played. So at one point, Mira was essentially conducting him (in a way that looked very much like interpretive dance) through the studio glass, while Adam looked on doing amazing things we've never seen anyone do with their guitar -- like blowing on the strings (remember that Todd Sickafoose?). We like to think that this playful endeavor sort of set the tone for the entire recording process "